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Its so easy to drop something without even realising …

June 22, 2011

We all carry so much. Some of it has to fall.

Physically, metaphysically, emotionally, figuratively…

Think of all the strands of your life. All the balls in the air at any one time. Right now.

And on a more everyday level, how much stuff you simply have to lug as you go about your business. It might be keys and/or cash and/or phone, gloves, beanie, bowling trophy, dog lead, pram, hankie, sunglasses, iPad, manila folder of notes, ice skates, surfboard, address book, Moleskine, novel, prayer beads, shopping list, novelty moustache … the list is endless.

It’s inevitable that we let things slip. That we can’t carry it all, every day, all the time.

First Place. Fitzroy park. (Pic: Nicko)

That things are dropped.

Things that we don’t even realise are gone, until they’re really gone.

For me, this has included people, gloves, creative ideas and so much more.

And the Lost Things lie there, left behind. Or live on without me. Without you.

This creative exercise is an attempt to capture some of those Lost Things, at least on a physical level. I’ve been taking these shots for years but decided it was time to share the project with the world. Even better, I realised it would be stronger if I threw it open to everybody to contribute.

So, as of this moment, Things We Have Lost is a joint art project for the Hell of it. Which you can be part of.

Just send me your photo, to, and if it fits the project, I’ll post it.

I have only two rules when it comes to taking the photos:

1. The item must be stumbled upon, not set up.

2. The item cannot be touched. The photo has to be taken of the item as it lies, as it was found. (I’m warning you, this is a tough rule: it often leads to a much crapper picture than if you’d been able to just angle the item slightly differently, or shown a little more of the wording, or whatever. But that’s the rule! no touching.)

So there it is. Every photo is of a Lost Object exactly as found, untouched, simply recorded for history.



Tickets to the show. Central Park, New York City. (Nicko)

Somewhere, a French Bulldog is naked. Exhibition St, Melbourne. (Nicko)

Bra. Fitzroy. (Nicko)

Microwave. Sydney. (Lee Valentine)

Plectrum. Sydney. (Nicko)

Hair tie. Fitzroy North. (Nico Champey)

Coffee card. Moray St, South Melbourne. (Nicko)

The lost toy. Fitzroy (Nicko)

A glove. Gore Street, Fitzroy. (Nicko)

Cricket bat No. 1. Lorne. (Nicko)

The red spade. Lorne. (Nicko)

The elegant universe. (Nicko)

The list. Fitzroy North (Nicko)

S is for Saw. Freeman St, Fitzroy North (Nicko)

Soggy ball. Yarra River, Melbourne. (Nicko)

Sock. (Nicko)

Pants. (Nicko)

Scarf 1. Collingwood. (Nicko)

Scarf 2. Armadale station. (Alex McNab)

Glasses. North Head, Sydney. (Nicko)


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  1. Mr WordPress thinks this project is a top idea.

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